Sub Metering - A Proven History of Reduced Consumption

Watermark SystemsUtility sub metering has been a standard practice for many years. Only recently though, with the increase of water and sewer costs, has water submetering become an accepted practice for multi unit property owners. Today, property owners nationwide are turning to sub metering to control this ever-growing expense.

Offering A Complete Solution

WaterMark Systems offers a complete submetering and billing program. Our service include:

  • Meter sales and leasing,
  • Installation
  • Meter reading and billing
  • Courteous and prompt customer service through our toll free 800 number.

We also provide water management and conservation recommendations to help tenants gain greater control over their water consumption.

With hundreds of properties nationwide using our system, we have the experience and track record to get your water and sewer costs under control.

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