Eliminate Your Water & Sewer Bills

Pass Actual consumption charges directly to the end user with WaterMark Systems' submetering and billing service.

Property owners nationwide are turning to submetering and “fair-share” billing for significant benefits like:

  • 20%-50% reductions in water consumption
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Increased cash flow
  • Quick detection of leaks and water problems
  • Less wear on septic systems
  • Fair and equitable distribution of water charges
  • Protection against water rate increases

How Submetering Works

Watermark SystemsSub metering is the process of attaching a small, durable meter to the water line that feeds an individual unit. The meter is read on a regular basis and a water bill is sent to the resident. The resident pays the water charge to the property owner with their monthly rent. The property owner receives a comprehensive statement every month showing unit usage and charges and the overall consumption and charges for the property. Its that simple! Learn More.

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