Billing Service

WaterMark's billing service is based on the monthly reading of the water meters. We work with the property management and local water, and if appropriate, sewage utility to determine rates. These rates are put into our state-of-the-art information systems, which we use to generate reliable, accurate billing for each unit based on actual usage. Residents are only responsible for their own usage.

We mail bills directly to each resident with consumption figures and charges based on their own usage. A detailed billing statement is sent to the property owner every month with each resident's usage and charges broken out individually. The owner can easily and accurately track the consumption of every unit as well as overall property consumption.

WaterMark Systems billing services include:

  • Meter reading and resident billing
  • Move-in, move-out changes
  • Final billings
  • Management reports detailing resident and property consumption and charges
  • Comprehensive customer service through our toll free 800 number
  • Leasing program covering meters and installation costs
  • Resident notification assistance
  • Water conservation and management recommendations
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